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Robotics Industry News

Big Things Are Coming


The awakening of Industry 4.0 has greatly influenced global economy. In turn, NEXCOM has committed to being the champion of it and dedicating resources to transform itself to an innovative Industrial IoT and Robot & Motion solutions provider. For the past six years, NEXCOM has invested numerous resources to gather the know-how and design Cobot Solution for the market need and solidify its position in this business segment. Today, I am excited that the brand is gaining recognition in the market.

As a result, NEXCOM’s board of directors has pushed to spin-off an outstanding Cobot Solution company to further strengthen its services to its respective marketplace. The new company will be known as NexCOBOT and will focus on building a stronger foundation in its core technology and accelerate the Cobot ecosystem development.

NexCOBOT's mission is to be the leading brand for robotics in the education market. With its open and modular motion solution, based on standard EtherCAT communications, it allows customers to value add on top of NexCOBOT's open controller to increase competitiveness. 

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