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Robotics Industry News

Conic Systems announces new CS Series Harmonic Gearing Reducer

Conic Systems

Conic Systems announces the release of their CSF-CR1 gearheads, featuring zero backlash harmonic gearing and an integrated cross roller output bearing. This high-performance harmonic gearing is ideal for automation applications such as SCARA and gantry robots. The CSF-CR1 offers superior motion control with superb positional accuracy and repeatability to ± 0.25 arc-sec. An optimized tooth profile and wave generator shape allow for a greater area of tooth engagement, high torque capacity and torsional stiffness. Optional inputs include an Oldham coupling or a solid input shaft. Simplified component sets, the CSF-M1 models, are also offered. Standard sizes are available with torque capacities to 372 Nm as well as high torque options, larger units, and customized configurations. 

Conic Systems manufactures harmonic gearing used in precision automation, robotic and industrial applications and are known worldwide for high precision, durability and long life.

For more information, call 888-757-2547.

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