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Fronius USA, LLC Flourishing Right Here in Michigan

by Stephanie Sartwell-Gibson, Sales/NPE Marketing

With the downturn of the economy and the unemployment rate leading the nation at 14.7% in Michigan, it would seem as though no companies are pulling through this year. Many companies are shutting down their facilities and others are laying staff off just to be able to keep their doors open. This creates a sad and dismal look at the future of our state. But, there is at least one company that is still prospering.

Fronius is an Austrian based company who, back in 2002, opened a U.S. subsidiary for their Welding Division in Brighton, Michigan. This location was chosen in order to be near the heart of the automotive industry. Back then the majority of their business was directly related to the automotive sector. Even with the harsh reality of lost jobs and closing of plants in 2009, the company reported an increase of 300% (of Michigan Automotive related sales) between 2006 and 2009.  Add to that the fact they have eleven new customers in Michigan this year, some of which are automotive, and you can see the company is in a positive mind set for what the next fiscal year will bring.

“Business has been good this year. We have dedicated customers who know they get a high end product and top notch support,” Gerald Obritzberger, Sales Director for the company stated. “Not all businesses are suffering in Michigan and we are very happy that ours is doing so well.” Mr. Obritzberger also men-tioned that not only have they had no lay offs or cut backs, they have also hired additional staff members and more openings still exist.

This is good news for Metro Detroit!

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