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Robotics Industry News

KC Robotics introduces Ultrasonic Trimming at AUTOMATE 2017

KC Robotics, Inc.

Visit KC Robotics at Booth 1404 - April 3-6 - Automate 2017 in Chicago.

KC Robotics will present two Yaskawa cutting and trimming cells at AUTOMATE 2017. The first will demonstrate traditional trimming-routing on plasic molded parts. The second cell introduces KC Robotics' new Ultrasonic trimming technology. 

Ultrasonic Cutting and Trimming Benefits

  • Enhanced precision – Improved trim quality
  • High Speed cutting
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Clean, eco-friendly, and lean operation

Ultrasonic Trimming Applications

  • Low Pressure mold processing
  • Carpet/Fabric cutting
  • Instrument panels
  • Post process molded part trimming
  • Aerospace components

Replace Waterjet Trimming with Environmental-friendly Application

  • No special environmental enclosures required
  • No water waste disposal
  • 80% reduction in operation costs
  • Produces no moisture penetration on material

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