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Robotics Industry News

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. Expands into Aerospace

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc.

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc., an innovative provider of premier custom machines and integrated systems, has expanded its process offerings into the Aerospace Industry. 

Recent projects from NASA and a number of other aerospace manufacturers have given Midwest Engineering Systems the opportunity to expand their process capabilities for the Aerospace Market.  These processes include: work hardening of aluminum for the Air Force, TIG welding of titanium components for jet engines, and the assembly of precision jet fuel delivery systems.  Midwest Engineering System’s expertise with exotic materials in assembly, welding, and surface treating has opened the door to new applications for automation within the aerospace industry.

Other projects include machine upgrades to thermal control material and composite prepreg material equipment for spacecraft and launch vehicles.

High quality control processes and standards are required to meet customer requirements, enhance satisfaction, and aim for continuous process improvement. Midwest Engineering Systems is striving towards ISO quality certifications to better serve its growing Aerospace customers.

Midwest Engineering Systems designs machines and automation systems for aerospace and many other industries including: automotive, heavy equipment, industrial, consumer goods, medical, warehouse conveyance, and many more.

Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. has been providing high-quality custom machine design and automation solutions since 1991.

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