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Robotics Industry News

NEXCOM I/O Modules Ensure EtherCAT Compatibility for Networked Control Systems


NEXCOM has completed its EtherCAT solution with the NEIO series of EtherCAT slave I/O modules to offer a truly open architecture to build Industry 4.0-ready control systems. Featuring high speed EtherCAT communication, high compatibility, and high I/O density, the NEIO series provides ease of install and cost advantages for machine control and robotic control applications.

The NEIO series brings the characteristic short cycle time of EtherCAT communication to automation control. To achieve the full potentials of high speed real-time EtherCAT, the NEIO has been designed by the IEC 61131-2 standards, tested with the EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool (CTT), and offered with ESI files to ensure performance compliance and interoperability with 3rd party EtherCAT devices. Coming with a high density of 32 channels and both sink and source types, the NEIO series enables worldwide system integrators to satisfy the I/O requirements of machine control and robotic control by aggregating all sensors, switches, and drives to one or two NEIO EtherCAT slave I/O modules.

With the newly released NEIO series, NEXCOM EtherCAT solution propels the development of Industry 4.0-ready control systems with EtherCAT master controllers, EtherCAT slave I/O modules, and 3rd party slave drives. System integrators can rely on NEXCOM EtherCAT solution to devise a distributed system schema to consolidate motion coordination, multi-axis synchronization, auxiliary functions, and safety protection onto industrial machines and robots.

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