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National Company Selects Solo Case Packers for Plastic Product Packing

QComp Technologies, Inc.

QComp Technologies was selected by a prominent national plastics company to provide multiple Solo Case Packers for the company's packing application. The case packing units were selected due to the great amount of flexibility offered and the customer requirement of packing hundreds of different SKUs into various case sizes. 

The Solo cell will pack up to 45 products per minute in this application. Case configurations vary by number of layers in a carton to the number of products in a layer. The QComp Solo Casepacker cell provides a quick changeover tool and guiding to accommodate the various package configurations. The casepackers will provide a 25% increase in performance over current operations. 

The Return On Investment (ROI) of each of these units was very attractive providing less than 1 year payback. These units provide another step towards reducing the manufacturing costs of this highly competitive product. Automating production is the only way to remain competitive in this challenging market and keep these production facilities in the USA. The cells will be delivered to the company's facilities across the USA from coast to coast.

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