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QComp Selected to Re-Engineer Major Personal Product Manufacturer's Palletizing System

QComp Technologies, Inc.

QComp Technologies received an order from a major personal products manufacturer to re-engineer an existing palletizing cell. The robotic palletizing cell was completely evaluated and re-engineered by QComp Technologies to increase throughput two fold. 

To achieve double the throughput the robotic cell required new pallet handling equipment, slipsheet placing and case infeed conveyors. The system starts with a new QComp pallet dispenser, then new pallet handling conveyors to provide fast movement of pallets, dual pallet build locations, dual product infeed system, and a newly designed QComp Technologies slip sheet dispenser. The cell will also have upgraded controls with remote access panels; new safety fencing and safety interlock switches. 

The customer's need for speed presented several new obstacles from robot tooling to material handling of pallets and cases in and out of the cell. By re-deploying this robot cell the customer has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new robot cell, as well as eliminating any need for additional costly floor space. The QComp robot palletizing cell will only take a couple months of production to recoup the cost of the new material handling equipment and engineering costs.

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