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Why Soft Motion Is the Best Motion Controller on the Market

by Matt Edwards, Director of Professional Services

Management and control of motion is a task that requires specialized equipment and software. An undertaking that traditionally required massive investment, it has now been made easy through the introduction of a motion controller known as soft motion, or software-based motion control. This is a specially designed application that enables users to get rid of the traditional hardware, and in its place use simple-to-use and highly productive software.

Designed for use on PCs, the application negates the need for the traditional motion control equipment. This greatly reduces the cost of installation and production. This comes alongside its ability to integrate with open libraries, therefore offering a wider resource for materials. Through use of a NIC card, input and output processes are enhanced, reducing the need for extensive cabling. It creates a consolidated working environment with no clunky cables lying around. With no complex infrastructure, the system is easy to manage and increases productivity and overall returns from the investment.

Compatibility with essential software and hardware installations is a key feature for the motion controller. It is designed for plug-and-play capability for all the necessary devices. This feature removes the need for different installations to support the devices required. Storage space required for such applications is therefore reserved for complete projects alongside materials and resources. By using an EtherCAT infrastructure, the application is able to support new input and output accessories with no need for additional software.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion Platform - Architecture Stack

Overall cost of installation and production is reduced considerably. With no need for traditional appliances, that cost is negated. This comes alongside the overall reduced cost of maintenance for the system. It is estimated that through the use of PC-based motion control, the overall cost of installation and production of motion is reduced by 25–50%. It also offers a wide range of upgrades and installation on new and upcoming technology with ease.

The motion controller chosen for any project needs to help realize the set goals. It must be easy to use and increase the quality of final product. Soft motion brings along all these benefits and more. It is the most convenient and reliable application for modern day motion production.

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