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Robotics Industry News

Balluff Releases A Family Of Mechanical Safety Switches

Balluff, Inc.

Florence, KY: Balluff announces a family of mechanical safety switches which include variants without guard locking (standard tongue switch), with mechanical guard locking, or with electrical guard locking to protect personnel and/or processes. The standard tongue version can be used to detect when a guard is opened and then quickly stop the process, whereas the multiple guardlocking versions can be used to "lock" guards and doors until the process has safely come to a halt.

Simple Connection to Safety Processors With A High Level Of Safety

These switches have a single, standard 5- or 8-pin M12 connector, which makes an easy and inexpensive connection directly to the Balluff IO-Link safety I/O module or to any safety controller. "Off-the-shelf" unshielded cables can be used to make a "plug & play" connection to the IO-Link safety I/O module. And when properly applied with a safety controller, these switches can meet a high level safety per EN ISO 13849 and IEC/EN 61508/62061.

Solutions For A Wide Range Of Applications

The Balluff mechanical safety switches are ideal for securing and safely monitoring guard doors and safety flaps to protect persons from potential hazards or prevent interruption of processes. The slim, robust metal housing fits on commonly used extrusion and a built-in LED provides switch status. The guardlocking variants keep the guard or gate closed until the process is stopped and it is safe to access the machine. Options for the guardlocking switches include power-to-lock or power-to-lock, with or without emergency release and with or without auxiliary release. A locking force of 2,500 N and latching force of 10 N makes the guardlock insensitive to vibration even when unlocked. These features make the switches good solutions for many applications including packaging, food & beverage, automotive, robotics, machine tools, assembly and factory automation.

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