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Robotics Industry News

FANUC Robot CERT I course, 4 days, Begins Jan. 7, 2019

Kent State University

Kent State University is a FANUC Authorized Certified Education Training Facility that is able to provide training to students enrolled in academic programs as well as industry representatives. FANUC certified professors conduct all training at Kent State and are committed to providing the best learning experience.

Course: HandlingTool Operation and Programming (32 hours/3.0 CEU)

This course covers the tasks that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to set up and program a FANUC Robotics HandlingTool Software Package.

January 7-10, 2019; March 25-28, 2019; May 20-23, 2019

*We will also tailor a program for you -contact us for more details. 

Registration is required. https://www.kent.edu/cae/fanuc-robot-training

Course Objectives

  • Operate the teach pendant
  • Navigate the controller software
  • Power up the robot
  • Jog the robot in different coordinate systems
  • Recover from common program and robot faults
  • Execute production operations
  • Perform frame setup
  • Create, modify, and execute a material handling program
  • Understand programming instructions
  • Understand positional information (CARTESIAN vs. JOINT)
  • Understand motion types (JOINT, LINEAR, CIRCULAR)
  • Create, set up, and execute MACROs
  • Configure, monitor, force, and simulate input and output signals
  • Perform standard backup, and restore programs and files
  • Course Delivery

    Registered students will be provided with on-line modules at least one week prior to the training. Hands-on 32-hour training will consist of 24 laboratory exercises. In addition to lab exercises, a pre-test and post-test are used to measure mastery of objectives. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive the FANUC Robotics CERT I industry credential.

  • $1935
  • Online modules followed by four days in-person
  • Textbook and laboratory manual provided
  • January 7-10, 2019; March 25-28, 2019; May 20-23, 2019
  • 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Room 029 Aeronautics and Technology Building, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
  • Instructors: Darwin Boyd, Ph.D. 
  • https://www.kent.edu/cae/fanuc-robot-training
  • Contact Jruller@kent.edu if you have questions. 330-672-7064

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