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Robotics Industry News

Giving Robots a Feeling - Active Contact Flange (ACF)

FerRobotics Inc.

Automating complex tasks with a great deal of feeling is impressively realized by patented FerRobotics technology. The "Active Contact Flange" provides smart and fast solutions for every application.

Through the use of the Active Contact Flange, each robot application is equipped with fine motor skills and tactile sense. Equipping robots with tactile intelligence, FerRobotics provides the revolutionary basis for sustainable productivity in industrial production. The flexible ACF design allows easy and fast adaptation of all types of robots - with unimaginable possibilities. The ACF acts like a velvet glove and is able to process even complex workpieces and materials with reliable dosing of force.

Vision meets precision

The Active Contact Flange combines all the strengths of Active Compliant Technology into an intriguing and unique tool. Even complex workpieces are processed precisely and reliably. Automating contact-intensive activities not only improves quality and profitability, but also creates a decisive, competitive advantage in highly competitive markets. Thus FerRobotics technology is becoming a mainstay of change to industry 4.0.

Robust feel

The intelligent systems of FerRobotics are characterized by flexibility, sensitivity and robustness. The individually adjustable force and the balancing of the forces of moving systems make the ACF an indispensable and sustainable investment. The performance and quality increase is directly measurable. Especially dangerous activities can easily be automated and thus significantly improve the working environment for people.

Position compensation

With actively controlled position adjustment, movements using "touch sensing" are now possible. The unique technological advantage of the FerRobotics products is that they allow reliability, versatility and pinpoint accuracy without complex adjustment or intervention in the program routine.

Areas of application - Active Contact Flange:

  • Surface treatment: Grinding, polishing, cleaning, laminating, lacquering, brushing, deburring, ironing, ...
  • All materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium, carbon, plastic, wood, ceramics, coconut fibers, stone, ...
  • Contact-sensitive handling: Placing, inserting, gluing, joining, packaging, quality control, pressing, component testing, assembling, ...

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