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Robotics Industry News

New consultant member, TTP plc, with Industry Insight on human-robot collaboration

TTP plc

The ambition for robots and humans to work together has led to the development of factory robots that can be taken out of their cages and service robots that can roam in public. With increasing confidence that safe interaction is possible, it is now reasonable to ask how robot-human collaboration will develop in future.

In this month's RIA Industry Insight, Dr Simon Shakespeare of The Technology Partnership (TTP) makes the case for human-multi-robot collaborative teams that increase labour productivity in environments that are too challenging for the current generation of service robots.

“Our vision is that multiple simpler collaborating robots will tackle new classes of commercial problems without the hardware expense of being designed to cope with all possible real- world challenges.

Our collaborating robots are not given a map but instead use Simultaneous Location and Mapping techniques to learn about and then divide the space in which they perform their specialist jobs. The resulting multi-robot behaviour in our simulations looks surprisingly sophisticated; intelligent even.”

TTP works with clients throughout North America as an independent technology and product development company to create solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all.

To learn more about TTP, visit our website.

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