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Robotics Industry News

1-Meter DIN Rail Sticks

Phoenix Contact USA

1-meter DIN rail sticksOrder 1-meter DIN rail sticks from Phoenix Contact and pay significantly less than the shipping costs of our 2-meter sticks.

Phoenix Contact continued its expansion of cable management with the option of 1-meter DIN rail, available perforated or unperforated:

  • NS 35/7.5 PERF 1207651
  • NS 35/7.5 UNPERF 1207649
  • NS 35/15 PERF 1207658
  • NS35/15 UNPERF 1207655

How does this help you?

UPS charges a penalty for anything over 6 feet, and our 2-meter sticks measure 6 1/2 feet. So, thanks to our 1-meter DIN rail stick option, you can actually avoid the shipping penalty and significantly reduce shipping charges. The savings only happen with a single order of 10 sticks or less of the 7.5, a single order of 5 sticks or less of the 15, but it benefits customers and distributors with small orders, as well as those who prefer ordering on-demand.

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