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Robotics Industry News

Active Contact Flange Receives “Best by Design” Award

KEBA Corporation

The FerRobotics Active Contact Flange powered by KEBA has added Best by Design to its collection of awards. This innovative end-of-arm force control system received the award from Motion System Design magazine.

An independent jury made their decision based on the product’s exceptionally high degree of innovation. Precise force control, automatic positioning independent of robot moves, and ultra-fast response times were highlighted by the jury. This award, together with the “Trend 100” award presented by German Automation Atlas, and first price “Innovation Award”, underscores the value of Active Contact Flange.

Typical applications include surface finishing such as grinding, polishing and deburring where force at the work surface must be consistent and reproducible over tolerances and curved surfaces, and sensitive handling activities such as gluing, testing and assembly.

Start-up is quick and easy, thanks to the user-friendly plug-and-play principle that is consistent with KEBA’s “easy to use” approach. Available in 4 sizes, the Active Contact Flange enables simple and reproducible automation of many activities that previously could only be done manually. 

About KEBA
KEBA designs and manufactures easy-to-use, innovative high value solutions in the fields of industrial, banking, service, and energy automation. The privately owned company has over 40 years of experience and is based in Linz, Austria, with subsidiary locations worldwide.

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