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Robotics Industry News

Air Force Science & Technology 2030 Strategy creates opportunities for Robotics Industries Association members

Robotic Industries Association

The Air Force Science & Technology 2030 strategy is creating new opportunities for academia, large and small businesses, and other laboratories to turn their ideas into game-changing capabilities.

The Air Force will restructure its science and technology portfolio and management processes to enhance and expand competition for ideas and sustain an enabling and enduring scientific and technical base.

Five strategic capabilities directly support the vision to dominate time, space, and complexity across all operating domains. They are:

  • Global Persistent Awareness
  • Resilient Information Sharing
  • Rapid, Effective Decision-Making
  • Complexity, Unpredictability, and Mass
  • Speed and Reach of Disruption and Lethality

Details about each of the five capabilities can be found in the S&T Strategy.

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) will issue periodic “open calls” for white papers detailing ideas for new or expanded strategic capabilities. The laboratory will provide funding to develop selected ideas.

Information about partnering with AFRL can be found at www.AFResearchLab.com. Questions can be sent to afexplore@us.af.mil.

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