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Automation – Air Turbine Motors 700 Series

Air Turbine Motors

Revolutionary Air Turbine Motors® 700 Series outperform and outlast traditional motors.

The governed 0.40 hp / 0.30 kW 65,000 rpm 740MX was tested by a major European Automotive Component Company in a production work cell.

The manufacturing engineers were sufficiently impressed to say the 740MX “greatly improves their process”.

Governor controlled Air Turbine Motors® deliver power up to 1.40 hp on demand. Now, you will keep high rotational speed on the cutting path. Result: optimized tool performance and life + cleaner finished surfaces.


The patented governor in the 700 Series also controls air consumption on demand to match the flow to the programmed process, resulting in efficient use of compressed air.

Most important - direct drive lubrication free Air Turbine Motors® operate at governed high speed with only 2 moving parts – the patented powerful turbine and the bearings set.

The result is low friction and heat, and proven durability proven in 1,000’s of applications. Unlike vane, geared or electric motors you get 24/ 7 high speed with no headaches.

All you need is a supply of clean dry 90 psi / 6.2 bar compressed air. No lubrication and no control system.  

NEW! No Obligation 700 Series Motor Test Program

Air Turbine will set up a test in your plant for your applications without any obligation.

Available from Air Turbine Motors® and our distribution partners in USA, Canada, Mexico, EU, Japan, Russia and many other countries  

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