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Robotics Industry News

Automation Leader Makes Changes to Enhance Value for Clients, Reflect Global Growth

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SAS Automation launches initiative to advance automation industry through End-of-Arm Tooling

XENIA, Ohio  — SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm tooling and automation technology, is launching a strategic global initiative to advance the automation industry through end-of-arm tooling solutions. Over the past year and a half, SAS has conducted extensive market research, surveys and customer interviews to uncover new insights into the automation industry and its areas of strategic global growth.

As part of this initiative, the company is unveiling a new look for SAS Automation, which better communicates its commitment to global growth and dedication to being an innovative leader in the industry.

“Our refreshed brand signifies our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and exceptional service and communicates that we are at the forefront of our industry,” said Trent Fisher, CEO, SAS Automation. “This is the first rebranding our company has undertaken in 15 years, and it comes at a critical time as we continue to grow and expand our global presence, especially in places such as Europe and Asia.”

As part of the company’s comprehensive global initiative, SAS Automation has hired new sales managers in the US, Germany, and China to better serve customers, built a strategic plan for global growth and is developing an integrated operations and e-commerce model to focus on superior global delivery.

“As a result of SAS Automation’s continued commitment to advancing the automation industry with sophisticated end-of-arm tooling products, we have been able to improve functionality for our customers,” said SAS customer Bruce (Bubba) Coy, Maintenance Supervisor, Johnson Controls Interior Manufacturing. “Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed SAS’ evolution into becoming a global leader in this industry. Their growth and expertise has helped us to become a global leader in our category as well.”

SAS Automation, headquartered in Xenia, Ohio, provides superior end-of-arm tooling and automation technology to customers and suppliers around the world in a variety of industries, including food, automotive, metal handling, palletizing, and plastics. SAS Automation is one of the world’s largest suppliers of modular component-based robotic end-of-arm tooling and gripper systems.

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