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Robotics Industry News

Bus Cables Designed for High-Flex Cable Carrier Applications

igus Inc.

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – June 24, 2008 – igus® continuous-flex bus cables have been tested over millions of cycles and transmit data quickly and reliably.  They are specially designed for the tight bending radii and high flexing of cable carrier applications on automated machinery.

Chainflex® “CFBUS” cables are flame retardant, oil-resistant, and UL AWM, ROHS and CE compliant.  They also feature a minimum bend radius of 10 times their outer diameter and operate within a temperature range of –31 degrees Fahrenheit and +158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Equipped with a pressure-extruded, flame retardant, TPE-blend outer jacket, CFBUS is designed with Energy Chain® cable carriers in mind.  The bus cables deliver superior performance in freely suspended and gliding applications reaching 1,312 feet.  CFBUS can also be found in indoor and outdoor applications, including storage retrieval units, machine tools, ship-to-shore cranes and cleanrooms.  Chainflex CFBUS also features an overall shield for increased EMI protection in any high noise industrial environment.

Chainflex cables were first developed in 1988 with the goal of eliminating common cable failures such as corkscrewing, loss of continuity and insulation damage.  igus pioneered a unique technique of cable construction in which the conductor length and the resulting conductors are cables into bundles.  For large cross sections, this is done around a strain relief element.  The conductor bundles then are cabled around a tension-proof center.  Bundling the conductors and eliminating multi-layers ensures a uniform bend radius across each conductor.
About igus
igus Inc., founded in 1985 and based in East Providence, R.I., develops and manufactures industry-leading plastic cable carriers, continuous-flex cables, plastic bearings and linear guide systems.  With more than 28,000 products available from stock, the company meets the motion control and machinery component needs of customers worldwide.  Product lines include Energy Chain Systems® to protect and house moving cables, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables, iglidec self-lubricating, oil-free, plastic bearings, DryLin linear guide systems and igubal® spherical bearings.  For more information, contact igus at (800) 521-2747 or visit www.igus.com

DryLin, igus, Energy Chain Systems, Chainflex, iglide and igubal are registered trademarks of igus Inc.

For general inquiries:
igus Inc.
PO Box 14349
East Providence, RI 02914
Toll free: 1-800-521-2747
Tel: (401) 438-2200
Fax: (401) 438-7270

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