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Cognex Selects CMOS Image Sensors from e2v for Industrial ID Products

Cognex Corporation

e2v, a global provider of high performance imaging solutions, has announced that its innovative CMOS image sensors have been chosen by Cognex, a leading manufacturer of industrial ID cameras and systems, for their image-based reading products.
Cognex has chosen e2v’s EV76C560 1.3MP CMOS image sensors to best meet the high performance requirements for some of their DataMan® range of industrial scanning and identification products. The EV76C560 has multiple shutter modes and useful features that have been specifically tuned for industrial imaging applications.
“Cognex chose to partner with e2v as a key technology provider to ensure that our market-leading products continue to stand out in a highly competitive segment,” said Carl Gerst, Cognex’s vice president and ID business unit general manager.
Gareth Powell, marketing manager for e2v’s industrial image sensors, said, “We are very excited to become a valued key component supplier to Cognex, being formidable leaders in the industrial ID and machine vision segments. Our product roadmaps will continue to evolve and serve Cognex into the future.”
e2v’s growing family of high-sensitivity CMOS image sensors target industrial machine vision, barcode scanning, surveillance, intelligent traffic cameras and other demanding applications. The latest development is the EV76C570, a 1600 x 1200 pixel sensor based on the existing 1.3MP device. Prototype samples of the device will be available in the first quarter of 2012.
Also sampling in this quarter are the e2v ‘Ruby’ family (EV76C660 and EV76C661), which have sensitivity performance beyond that considered possible on traditional front side illuminated sensors, with a pixel size of 5.3µm. With Quantum Efficiency (QE) over 80% and excellent sensitivity performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum (>50% at 850nm), these breakthrough devices can significantly reduce system illumination costs, or enable very low-light imaging in outdoor camera applications. Sharing the same package, pin-out and software interface, the EV76C560, EV76C570, EV76C660, and EV76C661 products can enable a range of differentiated industrial camera products from a single hardware and software development effort.
Come and see our live demo at Vision, Stuttgart 2011 from the 8th-10th November 2011 in hall 4 on booth C 16.

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