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Robotics Industry News

Compact Ejector SEAC RP

Schmalz, Inc.

A compact ejector, designed for vacuum spiders and feeders in the field of machining metal sheets

  • Integrated air saving function:  Automated shut-down of vacuum generation when reaching a fixed vacuum level Compact Ejector SEAC RP


  • Minimum size and low weight
-> Possible annual savings of 390,721 ft3 of compressed air – saves 803 lbs. CO2 per year & 65% of the overall standard operation cost

Schmalz, global expert for Vacuum Technology, is a privately held, family owned company with a 100 year heritage. Schmalz thinks in the long term and is committed to take responsibility for our environment. Schmalz is one of the few positive-energy companies worldwide: The Headquarters generates all the energy it needs itself. Schmalz runs its own wind turbines, heat with own wood chips, produces energy with and water power facility and uses photovoltaic and solar systems. The company has been rewarded for its sustainability several times. Schmalz is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified – for more than 10 years!

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