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Robotics Case Studies

Continuous Motion Diagnostic Test Kit Assembly

Lanco Integrated


An industry leader that produces and sells devices and consumables within the medical device and science industries. Lanco Integrated has been working with this customer for over 20 years, delivering multi variant diagnostic test assembly machines.


Lanco Integrated delivered a machine with high volume part output for O-Ring into Cap assembly. The solution integrated a fully mechanical driven base machine with automated part feeding. The max output reaches over 300 parts per minute, because it is built on a continuous motion platform. The assembly is performed by snapping the O-Ring into the cap during the base machine rotation. Part loading is organized by bowl feeders and hoppers.


Due to the current state of Covid-19 and the strain it has added to the diagnostic test market, our customer challenged us to increase their existing production capacity. They specialize in micro vials for fluid processing. For these vials to secure the test sample, they must have a secure cap with a tight seal. Our machine needed to meet high demand with a suitable and reliable concept.

Lanco Integrated Solution

Lanco Integrated determined that the perfect balance between speed and reliability for this application would be a continuous motion platform. Lanco used this concept on a previous machine for this customer. It had been used in production for over 20 years. Lanco was able to use the existing concept and improve upon it to meet the demands for modern production in an exceptionally short time frame. The machine is stable, durable and with the chosen hopper solution it functions with high autonomy in a three-shift operation.


Overall cycle time has been improved.
Quality and Inspection – 100% control for all parts.
Technical machine availability: 99.7%
Bad part rate: <0,1%

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