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Robotics Industry News

Dengensha America Adding Continuing Value with Customer Training

Dengensha America Corp.

Bedford, OH –  We want our customer's equipment to always run at peak performance – whether it's a newly purchased welder or a 10 year old nut feeder. That is why Dengensha offers training seminars that cover proper machine operation and preventative maintenance techniques to enhance and prolong machine life.

When a training seminar is requested by a customer, Dengensha immediately starts working to tailor the program to meet their specific needs and scheduling requirements. Sometimes the training can be covered in one day, sometimes it needs to be done in multiple sessions over a few days to fit with the schedule of maintenance employees. We know that our customers have a broad range of resistance welding knowledge, so topics discussed relate directly to feedback recieved on what they are interseted in learning and going over.

A great example of our training services is the trip our engineering team took in January to a customer's facility in the southern United States. While there they provided seven employees with hands-on training and classroom lectures over the basics of resistance welding and the operation and maintenance of Dengensha's NDZ welder and automatic feeders. With help from one of our regional sales representatives, the training went great and everyone was able to step away from the experience a little more knowledgeable.

Since then, Dengensha has conducted three additional training seminars and has even more planned in the upcoming months.

Dengensha has been able to greatly expand our training and service offerings with the addition of Eric Seme, our new service manager and applications engineer. Eric is an electrical engineer with extensive experience in resistance welding applications, equipment building, robotics, integration and diagnostics.  He provides direct technical support to customers on product questions, applications, integration and on-site service.

If you are interested in receiving expert training or want to get some hands-on experience working with our equipment, give us a call at 440-439-8081 or email us.

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