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Robotics Industry News

Dynalog signs multi-year contract to supply calibration for Medical Robots

Dynalog, Inc.

Dynalog, Inc. and a major international medical system supplier signed a multi-year agreement where Dynalog will provide its integrated robot calibration software and support services for all medical robot systems installed by the company.


This contract marks an important expansion of Dynalog’s presence in the medical robotics field.  “Clearly we have seen the rapid growth of robotics in the medical field and the need for high precision and reliability” said Dynalog President, Pierre de Smet. 

Dynalog specializes in Robot Calibration Solutions that enable High-Precision Robotic Applications, such as Robotic Flexible Measurement Systems (FMS), Robotic Drilling and Routing systems for Aerospace manufacturing, etc. The tight tolerances required in these applications are achieved through the use of technologies and tools provided by Dynalog, including Absolute Accuracy in order to maximize the robot’s positional accuracy, as well as Relative Accuracy (a.k.a. Temperature Compensation) in order to maintain a robot’s repeatability over time.

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