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Robotics Industry News

Economics at the Forum and in the Wall Street Journal

Robotic Industries Association

Where is business headed in 2010? We got some of the answers during the Robotics Industry Forum. Robotic material handling is in generally good shape, but of course choosing a specific industry is critical. Food looks like a growth opportunity for robots and don’t count out automotive (especially spot welding) but what else can we deduce?
RIA offers an integrated marketing approach to help members see the trends and use tools that help business. I don’t know of any organization that lets members publish so much for free, let alone creates space for members on Twitter and in blogs to keep the Association and our friends relevant.
After looking at today’s Wall Street Journal after all the stimulation and input at the Robotics Industry Forum, the urge to blog about some of the economic issues overcame me and I posted a few observations. See “Business Results and Trends for 2010” on Robots in America, our Association blog site and let us know what you think.

Brian Huse blogs regularly for RIA, He has been with Robotic Industries Association since 1994. In a "walkabout" of the industry that started in 1998, he worked for member companies Deneb (now DELMIA) and Norgren Automotive; a four-year stint in which he was immersed in the business of software and hardware manufacturing for the robotics industry. Armed with a greater appreciation for the needs of RIA’s members and their publics, he rejoined the Association in 2001 and has responsibility for membership, marketing and public relations. See his blogs on Robots in America and watch for tweets from his perch on Twitter (@HuseBrian) where the goal is to say nice things about RIA members and leave helpful nuggets about the state-of-the-industry.


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