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Robotics Industry News

Edgewater Automation Opens New Location in California

Edgewater Automation

Today, Edgewater Automation, a global custom automation equipment supplier, announced the opening of their first location in California. The new location is a sales office with a team to bring the company closer to customers located on the West Coast. This office in California adds to the growing presence Edgewater Automation already has with four different locations in Michigan and South Carolina. Engineering and assembly of the equipment that Edgewater Automation supplies currently takes place at both their Headquarters in Saint Joseph, MI and their facility in Spartanburg, SC.

Founder and President, Rick Blake, said “opening this new location in California will strengthen our capability to bring our innovative solutions to customers on the West Coast.” Edgewater Automation already supplies their custom automation equipment to customers located throughout the West Coast and aims to grow their customer base in the region with the new office in Union City. “Having presence now in California will help us continue to diversify the markets we serve including the medical and consumer goods industries,” said Blake.

This is the fifth location that Edgewater Automation has now opened:

  1. Headquarters in Saint Joseph, MI (45,000 square feet)
  2. SC Facility in Spartanburg, SC (45,000 square feet)
  3. Development Division in Saint Joseph, MI (25,000 square feet)
  4. Manufacturing Division in Buchanan, MI (150,000 square feet)
  5. Sales Office in Union City, CA

About Edgewater Automation
Founded in 2001, Edgewater Automation designs and builds custom automation equipment for a wide variety of industries. Edgewater Automation has multiple locations in St. Joseph, Michigan and Spartanburg, South Carolina where engineering, machining, and building all takes place. Featured three times on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America, Edgewater Automation is constantly improving and growing in talent, experience, and technology.

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