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Robotics Industry News

Explore ‘Robotics in Business’ with RIA Member ARC Specialties

ARC Specialties, Inc.

American manufacturing is falling behind, largely due to an inability to compete with other countries around the globe on the axis of cheap labor – but there’s a solution in sight.

By leveraging robots and automation, America can maintain its standard of living, elevate human labor to positions of innovation, and close the widening global manufacturing gap with solutions that tackle the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs in our society.

Dan Allford, President of RIA member ARC Specialties, is here to tell you how.

In ARC Specialties’ latest educational course, titled “Robotics in Business” and presented and produced by MarketScale, Allford guides learners through the origins of automation, the future of robots, and the upcoming American manufacturing Renaissance he sees just over the horizon.

Learning Goals of ‘Robotics in Business’

As you move through the course, Allford will share the expertise he’s gained over more than four decades navigating the evolving landscape of manufacturing and automation, outlining:

  • The origins of robots and how they came to be
  • The three laws that began in science fiction, yet still govern robotics today
  • The different types of robots and their unique purposes and advantages
  • The step-by-step journey ARC undertakes to craft a robot for a given vision and goal
  • How to select the right automation solutions to keep your organization competitive
  • How the U.S. can close the efficiency gap with the rest of the world and kick off a bright manufacturing future

Get Started with ‘Robotics in Business’ Today

RIA is committed to driving innovation, growth, and safety in our industry and to providing you with the best resources available to continue to explore everything it has to offer.

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