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Robotics Industry News

Explore the connection of digital factories with Lyric robot in 2018 ASSEMBLY SHOW

Lyric Robot

Lyric Robot at The Assembly Show, Booth 613

The 2018 ASSEMBLY Show will be held on October 23-25 in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. After more than 30 years of development, The ASSEMBLY Show has become a premier international exhibition in the automation industry, attracting system integrators, automation suppliers and technical experts from the industry in the North America and Europe to participate in the exhibition.

As an excellent enterprise in the field of factory automation integration, Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lyric Robot”) will share with you our success story overall factory automation integration at the exhibition; Lyric Robot’s North American Technical Director, North American Sales Directors and Senior Program Engineers will take the opportunity to communicate with you about their advanced technology and insights in automation field.

Render of Lyric Robot BoothMap of The Assembly Show Floor with directions to the Lyric Robot booth

At this exhibition, Lyric Robot will showcase overall factory automation solutions in the automotive industry, renewable energy industry, precision electronics industry, rail transportation industry, medical industry and other fields. Lyric Robot has extensive design experience in the automotive industry and renewable energy industry. We can combine intelligent control technology, visual inspection technology, production line layer simulation technology, visual navigation technology, precision control technology for force and displacement curve acquisition system, and factory layer integration. Simulation technology, laser cutting technology, laser coding technology, laser welding technology and other technologies are flexibly integrated into the automatic production line of automobile chassis rolling parts; Lyric Robot applies visual servo control technology, precision control technology for force and displacement curve acquisition system to the assembly line for core components of natural suction systems in automobile engines. Lyric Robot performs the factory-level electromechanical co-simulation and the electromechanical co-simulation of a production line before the implementation of each overall factory automation solution, fully verifying the feasibility and rationality of the approach to avoid your investment risk.
Among the various automation show cases, the biggest highlight 5 are the newly developed PACK flexible automatic production line for power batteries, the automatic production line for rolling parts of truck chassis, and digital twin technology solutions.

The automatic production line for rolling parts of truck cockpit skeletons

Lyric Robot independently develops RFID solutions to trace the production of any batch of workpieces to meet the stringent European quality standards; the original truck chassis uses very expensive materials of the stamping process, and the automated production line helps customers reduce raw materials waste by 30%.

PACK flexible automatic production line for power batteries

The PACK flexible automatic production line for power batteries includes battery module assembly line, battery module automatic detection assembly platform, MES system and other core parts, and also covers cleaning, coating, welding, testing and other equipment. The production line completes the installation of one cell every 2 seconds (a 120-cell pack takes only 4 minutes to complete), and the MES communication function is digitally managed. With modular design concepts, each function block can work independently and in conjunction with each other, and can be flexibly equipped with multiple laser devices.

Digital Twin Technology Will Connect Real and Virtual Worlds Seamlessly

Lyric Robot creates a “realistic” model by integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor data to support the life cycle of physical products. The “virtual world” and “real world” pairing will allow us to solve problems before they occur, reduce losses and costs, and even to plan for the future.

Integration graphic

Digital Twin is not invented today. It has gone through decades of development. It has not been named before, but it has reached a certain stage of development. People realize that it can give this technology a new exact name (Professor of the University of Michigan, Grieves, proposes the name digital twin). In fact, since the digital "Authoring" means such as CAD, there has been a source of digital twinning. With CAE simulation, digital virtual objects and physical entities have come closer, with systems. Simulation can make digital virtual objects more like physical entities until there is a systematic digital prototyping technology. Up to now, people have found that in the digital world, they have conducted so many years of digital design and simulation results, more and more virtual and real, more and more widely used, digital virtual object is increasingly empowered physical physical system.

From the perspective of simulation, digital twinning technology can be understood as: the virtual objects constructed in the digital virtual space, and the virtual and precise mapping relationship corresponding to the physical objects in the physical physical space, which are similar in form and manner.Lyric Robot also applies digital health care technology to the R&D and design of automated production lines and maintenance of automated production lines, avoiding customer investment risks and early warning, reducing the risk of production stoppages due to failures.

Lyric Robot is a nationally leading supplier of automation solutions and offers factory automation and intelligent equipment for Fortune 500 companies. Lyric Robot mainly provides automated equipment and service for customers from all over the world and focuses on the industries of automotive parts, li-ion batteries for consumer electronics and electric vehicles, precision electronics, rail transit, medical equipment and fire security. Our main products include automated production lines for automotive parts li-ion battery cells, modules and PACK, as well as automated production lines for smoke detectors and for rail transit control systems.   

Lyric Robot's headquarters are located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, China. The company has a total of 1,187 employees worldwide, with the R&D center and the manufacturing base covering an area of 30,000 square meters. Additionally, sales offices and service centers are located in California and Florida (USA), in Toronto (Canada), Schaffhausen (Switzerland), Aschaffenburg (Germany) and Suwon (Korea). Our products have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Turkey and Thailand for many years. Our main customers are among the top 5 in their respective industries.

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