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Robotics Industry News

FANUC America Demonstrates 3D Bin Picking with the M-20iA Robot and iRVision 3D Area Sensor at Pack Expo 2013

FANUC America Corporation

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. -  FANUC America Corporation will demonstrate bin picking with its intelligent M-20iA robot equipped with the iRVision® 3D Area Sensor during Pack Expo 2013, Sept. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV in booth #4742.

At the show, an M-20iA robot equipped with the iRVision 3D Area Sensor locates and picks randomly located plastic bottles from a storage container.  The 3D Area Sensor provides the 3D location of the parts in the bin.  iRVision’s  Interference Avoidance feature prevents the robot and tooling from coming in contact with the bin walls.  Once picked, the robot uses iRVision 2D to detect the orientation of the bottle on-the-fly, and places it on a conveyor in a consistent orientation. The conveyor transfers parts to a second bin. Once the first bin is emptied, the robot will pick the bin and place it under the conveyor, and the cycle repeats.

“FANUC’s latest high-speed 3D Area Sensor is ideal for bin picking applications,” said David Bruce, vision product manager, FANUC America.  “We’re showing manufacturers how easy and practical robot vision can be, even for bin picking, which has traditionally been a very challenging robotic process.”

The high-speed 3D Area Sensor provides a detailed 3D map in one quick vision shot.
It’s an easy-to-use vision tool allowing bin picking setup through the iPendant in a matter of minutes.  “All of the hardware and software is designed by FANUC specifically for FANUC robots, allowing us to provide our customers a wide range of solutions to meet their production needs,” added Bruce.  

FANUC Intelligent M-20iA Robot             

FANUC’s M-20iA six-axis material handling robot features a compact design and class-leading reach and load capacity. 

The M-20iA robot offers a reach of 1811 mm and a 20 kg payload; the M-20i/10L has a 2009 mm reach and a 10 kg payload.  A large hollow wrist offers multiple functions and eliminates cable management issues.

Used in injection molding, waterjet, and many material handling applications, the FANUC M-20iA robot can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, angle, and wall, providing a versatile solution for any manufacturing facility.

FANUC iRVision 

FANUC’s iRVision is a truly integrated, plug-and-go vision system that runs on the standard CPU of every FANUC R-30iB controller without any additional hardware.  A single source solution developed and supported by FANUC, iRVision offers easy setup and operation for factory environments requiring 2D and 3D guidance, error proofing, visual tracking, and quality control – all with FANUC’s world-renowned reliability.

Next Generation R-30iB Controller

The FANUC R-30iB Controller uses high-performance hardware and the latest advances in network communications, integrated iRVision, and motion control functions.  The R-30iB Controller features FANUC’s exclusive new and easy-to-use iPendant with 4D graphics.  The iPendant displays process information and the actual process path directly on the iPendant screen, enabling easier setup and troubleshooting. 

Based on the latest FANUC Series 30iB CNC Controller, the R-30iB Robot Controller is compact, providing customers a significant space savings.  The R-30iB Controller is also energy efficient, requiring less power consumption than previous models, and available with an optional power regeneration feature.

About FANUC America Corporation

FANUC America Corporation provides the most complete range of industrial automation equipment including robots, CNCs, and motion control products. FANUC’s innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers in the Americas maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

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Cathy Powell
Marketing Communications
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