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Robotics Industry News

FANUC Robotics Introduces M-430iA/2PV Pharmaceutical Robot

FANUC America Corporation

FANUC Robotics’ New M-430iA/2PV Pharmaceutical Robot Designed For VPHP Environment

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.  – FANUC Robotics America, Inc. has introduced its new M-430iA/2PV intelligent pharmaceutical robot designed to operate in the Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide, VPHP, environment, which is typical of drug discovery and drug production applications. It offers six-axis dexterity, a 2 kg payload, and a compact motion range and multiple mounting options to maximize flexibility in tight workspaces.
“The M-430iA/2PV is ideal for a wide range of applications that must be free of contaminants,” said Sumeet Vispute, product manager, FANUC Robotics America, Inc. “Because the robot can withstand decontamination with VPHP, it can work in virtually any bio-clean condition.”
In addition, the M-430iA/2PV robot helps eliminate contamination by human operators. “For many years, human interaction has been the dominant risk relative to contamination in aseptically-produced sterile products. With this in mind, we developed the M-430iA/2PV to help pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce or eliminate this contamination risk,” added Vispute.
The M-430iA/2PV is the latest member in FANUC Robotics’ M-430iA intelligent robot series, including the USDA-accepted M-430iA/2F robot designed to handle unpackaged and packaged food, beverages, medical devices, cosmetics, household items, solar panels, office supplies, and many other consumer products.
The M-430iA/2PV pharmaceutical robot offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Ability to withstand decontamination with Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide, (VPHP)
  • A clean design with triple seals and no retention areas to resist bacteria growth and rust
  • Hollow arm to avoid air line and electric cable exposure
  • IP67 rating for the entire robot
  • Six axis motion for maximum dexterity
  • Shorter arm than M-430iA/2F for operation in very small work spaces
  • Ideal for drug discovery, drug production, and other bio-clean applications
  • Intelligent software supported by the M-430iA/2PV 

The FANUC isystem is a ready-to-use robotic vision package, available on all FANUC robots, requiring only a camera and cable – no additional processing hardware. It has a 2D robot guidance tool to accomplish part location, error proofing, and other operations that normally require special sensors or custom fixtures. For robotic vision processes that exceed the capability of 2D vision systems, FANUC Robotics offers an integrated 3D vision system. RVision
FANUC Robotics America, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures industrial robots and robotic systems for a wide range of applications including arc and spot welding, material handling (machine tending, picking, packing, palletizing), material removal, assembly, paint finishing and dispensing. The company also provides application-specific software, controls, vision products, and complete support services.  After 26 years of success, FANUC Robotics maintains its position as the leading robotics company in the Americas.   A subsidiary of FANUC LTD in Japan, the company is headquartered in Detroit, and has facilities in Chicago; Los Angeles; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio; Toronto; Montreal; Aguascalientes, Mexico; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.   Over 200,000 FANUC robots are installed worldwide. Contact FANUC Robotics at www.fanucrobotics.com or by calling 1-800-iQ-ROBOT, option 5.
Media Contact: 
Cathy Powell
Marketing Communications
FANUC Robotics America, Inc.
Phone: (248) 377-7570

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