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Robotics Industry News

Former CEO joins Blue Ocean Robotics as Senior Business Developer

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics announces former CEO at Social and Health Care College SOSU Nord, Anja Hald, as Senior Business Developer

Anja Hald, Senior Business Developer at Blue Ocean RoboticsBlue Ocean Robotics announces the new Senior Business Developer, Anja Hald, as of 16 November 2016. Anja holds strong managerial experience from former positions as CEO at Social and Health Care College SOSU Nord, as Assistant Professor at CARMA - Centre for Labour Market Research and as Quality Coordinator at Himmerland Hospital. Together with the rest of the Business Development team she will focus on maintaining good customer relations and ensure client success.

“The area of robotics has my passion because I believe that good technology is able to supply with increased life quality for the individual, increasing patient safety and also make better work environment in both public and private companies, which everybody benefits from. In order to succeed with robotics and new technology it is necessary to make the right bridge between the people, who develop the technology and the people who both use the technology both as end-user and as worker implementing the technology. Blue Ocean Robotics has that view and the possibilities for robotics helping the individual, the company and the society are huges and we have still only seen the top of the iceberg. With a smile you can say that the future trinity is smart robots together with smart data and smart workforce and they are mutually dependent on one another”, states Anja Hald.

Prior to joining Blue Ocean Robotics, Anja has shown particular excellence within strategic development of company's core outputs, project management and technical cooperation between government, industry and end-user. Together with private and public companies, Aalborg University, Business Region North, BrainsBusiness and the North Jutland Region she has taken a central role in creating partnerships around robot welfare technology and positioning the first test- and implementation center for health- and welfare technology. Her experience and insight into modern healthcare technological applications is going to play a key role in the RoBi-X development projects of Blue Ocean Robotics, like the Patient Lifting Robot and the UV-Disinfection Robot.

“We are very pleased to welcome Anja Hald to Blue Ocean Robotics. When you get an opportunity to attract a professional as Anja you are not to repudiate such a unique opportunity. We look forward to see Anja take responsibility for our Public Private Innovation projects and frame agreements with municipalities, the educational sector, hospitals and universities. We expect Anja will contribute to expand the market domain of welfare, cleaning and disinfection-, logistic- and telepresence robotics with public customers. We first met Anja when we together with Aarhus University applied for foundation grants around social telepresence robots. From day one, we have been intrigued by her curiosity and drive in finding the optimum solution to business cases. Her results and experience expresses that she is a front runner in her field and moves not only businesses, but people. On behalf of the entire company, we welcome Anja in the position.”, says Henrik Jacobsen, Vice President of International Business Development.

Anja will as a result of market trends moving towards more collaborative healthcare technologies that minimizes costs and optimize workforces, not only in Europe but also in APAC, MENA and in Australia, take an important role in the establishment of sales partnerships and Blue Ocean Robotics expansion into new markets. Extensive competencies in partnership establishment from past leadership roles and board positions will in a rapidly growing market of health technology, pave the way to many new innovation projects with companies who experience a gap in the market for automation technology.

About Blue Ocean Robotics
We apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships. We create and commercialize robots.


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