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Robotics Industry News

Fronius Offers Service and Support Course


Fronius USA will be offering a 3-day Service and Support class. This training will prepare students to successfully diagnose problems in the Fronius welding system and then repair them properly and safely.
This training will cover theory of operations, check-out and troubleshooting, repair, and calibration of the following equipment… 

3 available Class sessions:

  • January 19-21, 2010
  • April 20-22, 2010
  • August 17-19, 2010

For questions about class content and cost please contact:

Stephen Zatezalo
System Engineer
(810) 844-2795

  • Welding System
  • Digital Power Sources (TS, TPS and CMT series)
  • Interfaces (ROB Kits, Fieldbus, Ethernet)
  • Torches (Robotic and Manual)

Additional topics include…

* Fronius Service and Support Concept
* Fronius Product Training
* Fronius Software and Programs
* Fronius Process Training
In addition to classroom study, each student will have an opportunity to…
* Get hands-on work with Fronius welding equipment
* Participate in case studies involving real world service situations
* See active demonstrations of some of our most popular weld processes
Finally, the course will continue to pay off dividends long after the training is complete with…
*  A wide range of system and product documentations for future reference.

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