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Robotics Industry News

Fronius‘ Robacta TC 2000


Fronius‘ Robacta TC 2000Touchless Cleaning for nearly any torch

Fronius International GmbH has released their newest torch cleaning system. The Robacta TC 2000 can be integrated into any existing robotic welding cell and is available for nearly any torch geometry.

Spatter build up is removed electromagnetically with it’s dual magnet coils; cleaning the contact tip, the front and the inner area of the gas nozzle in just one cycle and without damage to the surfaces of the wearing parts. The welding wire is precisely positioned which means that it has no influence on the TCP.

Touchless cleaning offers high availability of the robot installations due to less maintenance needed when compared to mechanical cleaning equipment, additionally the gas nozzle has a service life up to 10 times longer. 

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