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Robotics Industry News

Futura Automation announces partnership with Flexfactory of Switzerland

Futura Automation, LLC

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -  Futura Automation LLC has joined forces with Flexfactory, a Swiss company based in Dietikon near Zurich, founded in 1999 by CEO Felix Buchi. Flexfactory has developed patented robot part feeders that replace vibratory bowl feeders for robotic small part assembly.  Flex feeders singulate parts on a machined surface, uses precise mechanical motion to separate / singulate the parts and a machine vision system to locate the parts.  The part location on the feed surface is communicated to a robot which can then accurately pick the parts.  Flexfactory feeders are developed and manufactured entirely in-house in Dietikon. Futura Automation will supply and support Flexfactory feeders throughout North America and will operate two test and customer evaluation centers in southern California using both Fanuc robots and IRVision as well as Denso robots and Cognex vision.

Flexfactory has more than 15 years of experience with feeder technology and more than 30 years with robots and vision systems. Its core skills are centered on application engineering and the integration of all-in-one feeder systems. Countless satisfied customers around the world value the extraordinary reliability of Flexfactory products, which have enabled many customers to significantly boost the efficiency and flexibility of their production lines.

Futura Automation, based in Scottsdale, AZ, is a Manufacturer’s Rep and manufacturing consulting and solutions firm focused on the concept of “Industry 4.0” Futura addresses the automation needs of advanced manufacturing, machining, end-of-line packaging and robotics manufacturing customers. The team at Futura Automation on average have 20+ years’ experience in industrial automation and robot systems.  With field offices in Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, Indiana, Southern California, Oregon and Washington, Futura is well positioned in the highest growth industries in North America.

“Futura Automation offers solutions for many of the needs of robot and automation customers with our expertise applied to the breadth and depth of our product and service offerings.  We provide competitive solutions to tough manufacturing problems”, says President Brian McMorris. “We are excited to join up with Flexfactory to assist the North American market regain global competitiveness in manufacturing as our team helps bring “Industry 4.0” benefits to more clients in North America.”

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