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Robotics Industry News

Güdel, Inc. Offers New White Paper for Trackmotion™ Cycle Time Reduction

Güdel, Inc.

How to Achieve Extra Savings with Robots on Linear Motion Tracks

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- A new Güdel white paper, "Cycle Times for Trackmotion™ Robotic Cells," examines cycle time optimization for track mounted robots. General principles for minimizing robot cycle times are provided with technical guidance on how to save more time (and money) for linear motion on the seventh-axis.

Robots are mounted on tracks (also known as the seventh axis) to expand work envelopes. This makes it possible to use one robot in place of many which creates immediate capital savings. Additional savings are realized when cell layout is optimized and motion is minimized, especially when priority is placed on factors related to speed and acceleration of the robot on a linear axis.

“It is important to understand how variables such as robot mass, servo motor torque and gearbox ratio affect acceleration of the robot on a track,” said Joe Campbell, vice president, sales and marketing at Güdel US. “A good understanding of the interrelationship between servos, gears and pinions allows engineering to adjust these factors to improve cycle time for a superior value proposition.”

One of the greatest detriments to cycle time on a track is mass of the robot itself. Güdel notes the importance of selecting the smallest robot that can perform the required tasks. “The lighter the overall system, the more quickly it can accelerate with a given applied force.”

Güdel’s white paper highlights torque-to-speed characteristics for track gearboxes, and explains the difference between peak torque capacity and rated torque capacity. Gearbox ratio is another issue covered in the white paper. Even factors such as workflow are considered.

“Workflow scheduling is an important concern for robotic cells,” explained Campbell. “Savings are often found in the simplest things like dual grippers for multitasking, and robots on tracks are ideal for production sequences with multiple operations.”

Güdel’s main business is tracks, and with application engineers and manufacturing in the U.S. it can quickly provide North American users with linear motion solutions that combine superior cycle time and cost savings. For more information on Trackmotion and cycle time optimization download the white paper for free at www.Güdel.com/us or contact Don Bromely at (734) 531-6516.

Güdel Inc. is the US subsidiary of Güdel Group, a global manufacturer of robotic automation products, systems and services.  Güdel supplies linear motion modules, robot track motion units, gantry robots and components to OEM’s, systems integrators and machine builders serving the automotive, aerospace, logistics, heavy industrial and power generation industries.  Güdel Inc. is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in a dedicated 45,000 square foot facility, providing North American customers with engineering, design, production, and, customer service support.

Güdel Group was founded in 1954.  Headquartered in Langenthal, Switzerland, today Güdel operates in 21 locations worldwide.

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