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Robotics Industry News

Global Leader Standardizes on Universal Robotics Spatial Vision Inspection

Universal Logic

CHEP, the global leader in pallet and container pooling services, announced today that it has standardized on the Universal Robotics Spatial Vision Inspection (SVI) solution for automated 3D pallet inspection.

Ed Mabe, CHEP Senior Director, Global Process Engineering, said: “Universal Robotics’ novel approach provides CHEP with an innovative low-cost 3D pallet inspection system that will improve the consistency of product quality.”

Why would you need 3D & Multi-D inspection?  Because, increasing dimensional information improves the quality of your inspection process.

Random 3D Inspection: Parts from 50mm to 1,500mm
·         Compare – actual 3D to CAD/specs
·         Align – lids, caps, tops, fasteners, subassemblies
·         Assess – surface splits, gashes, holes, missing or loose items
·         Complex Objects – molded plastics, curved objects, machined parts
·         Difficult Objects – clear glass, black rubber, Mylar, celophane-wrapped, stacked metal
·         Combine – with robotic vision guidance

Flexible 3D Logistics Automation: Areas from 1M to 10M
·         Random bin picking
·         Random bag picking
·         Trailer load / unload
·         Warehouse pick & put away
·         Real-time box routing
·         Packaging / shipping inspection


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