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Robotics Industry News

HTE Automation Technologies Opens New Robotics and Industrial Vision Laboratories in Lenexa, KS

HTE Technologies

LENEXA, KS – HTE Automation Technologies, a subsidiary of HTE Technologies, has opened a new Robotics Work-Cell Integration Laboratory, and Vision Application Lab at 8004 Reeder St., Lenexa, KS 66214.  The first public event will be “Meet the Robots” to be held on December 14th, 2016.  Pre-registration at www.htetech.com is recommended.

Also at the Reeder street location is HTE’s Kansas City “TECHTEAM Industrial Productivity Training Center,” where local manufacturing personnel will be educated and updated on rapidly changing industrial automation technologies.

HTE has served the Missouri and Illinois manufacturing community for the past 58 years. The company’s expansion into Kansas allows HTE’s world class equipment vendors and industrial component suppliers to take the message of “faster, leaner, smarter, and safer industry” to the many dynamic industries in Kansas, including animal health, pharmaceutical, packaging, machine equipment, automotive, and aircraft.  HTE’s talented TECHTEAM has a long track record of increasing local industrial productivity through the innovative application of technology.

With industrial competition now measured in terms of global competitors, the pressure on today’s manufacturer is as high as it has ever been. Being a dynamic and flexible manufacturer is increasingly important.  One way HTE is boosting local manufacturing competitiveness is with the application of collaborative robots that work safely alongside skilled workers to create more efficient and more precise results for repetitive tasks.

HTE is on the forefront of integrating collaborative robots into the most dull and repetitive work-cell tasks. These robots enable manufacturers to be more strategic and economical in the deployment of in-house human capital by allowing staff to be assigned to higher-value tasks which demand deeper skill sets and experience.

About HTE Technologies, LLC
Over the past five + decades, HTE Technologies has evolved into a unique multi-division distributor, operating as a single company but composed of multiple sales and service business units. Today, HTE Technologies now serves as the holding company for four wholly owned subsidiary companies:  HTE Automation Technologies, LLC; HTE Compressed Air Solutions, LLC; HTE Rental Services, LLC; and HTE Abrasive Blast Solutions, LLC. These four operating units provide customers across Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois with a comprehensive array of quality products, outstanding technical assistance, and the broadest level of supporting design/build/install/remote-monitoring/repair services and inventory available in the Midwest. 

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