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How does OCTOPUZ change your CAD models into functional components in the virtual world?


Every robot cell is different. Some have rails others have positioners or conveyors. Within OCTOPUZ you can create your cell in the virtual world in order to simulate and test your program prior to posting your code to the robot. 

Within OCTOPUZ you can match the virtual world with the real world, including the exact external axes and robots that YOU use. Although OCTOPUZ has an extensive library of components, there are times in which we don't have the exact same component as the one in your cell, so what do we do?

In a typical implementation process for a new customer the OCTOPUZ team takes the CAD model of your components and applies the appropriate kinematics to these solids to make them functional . This allows the component to interact and move within the simulation world and results in a fully functional robot cell. Pretty amazing! 

In this webinar of approximately 30 minutes we will show you how we import the CAD geometry of your cell and apply kinematics to particular components in order to make them fully functional for the implementation process. 

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Cell Creation
  • CAD Import
  • Modeling - Component Building
  • Kinematics
  • Simulation
  • Customer Implementation

REGISTER HERE: events.octopuz.com/component-building-webinar

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