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Robotics Industry News

Impact test - 1600 Joule

Troax, Inc.

Our customers demand a high level of safety within the machine safety industry, it is vital to maintain a high level of product development. Many of our clients quite simply demand that our products are of a higher standard than the market average in terms of durability and strength.

1600 Joules is the energy our Smart Fix system can withstand

We want to offer a strong and reliable product, but above all to know that our products carry out their job. Therefore we do tests to simulate a real situation, e.g. within an industrial environment, where robots and people are working together. A website has been set up where you can learn more about the energy 1600 Joules, how we conduct these tests and to give you an insight of how strong the system really is.

Watch us test 1600 Joules and read more about how and why we conduct these tests at www.meshbuster.com/us

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