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Invest in OCTOPUZ for Safer, More Cost-Effective Welding


Looking for a better way to perform welding tasks?

By combining OCTOPUZ offline robot programming software with the right robotics system, companies will discover innovative ways to save both time and money.

Worker Automation, an OTC welding integrator in Covington, Ohio, put OCTOPUZ to the test when they programmed and simulated a MIG welding operation using an OTC B4 robot on a 2-axis rotary table. The latest OCTOPUZrobotics youtube video shows the robots welding and repositioning the part for reach, both in simulation and real time, as they run sub programs directly exported from OCTOPUZ. No modifications were involved — all of the welding, rotary, motion and weaving commands were created by the software.

One of the highlights of using OCTOPUZ for manufacturing jobs such as welding is its efficiency. Programming is fast and simple, allowing users to drag, drop and snap components together from the library to create complex systems based on pre-made logic. The offline feature eliminates the need for shutdowns since robots can continue to operate while the next part is being programmed.

Though hindsight is 20/20, OCTOPUZ’s simulation capabilities ensure that any potential collisions and unpredictable motions are avoided before going into production. Once the process has been proven, weld parameters can be saved and reused to speed up future programming and reduce the potential for programmer error.

During the simulation and programming of various cells, Worker Automation discovered firsthand several advantages to using OCTOPUZ:

  • Each weld could be programmed with only two clicks
  • No external CAM system was required (all components are located inside OCTOPUZ)
  • All motion could be simulated (touch-sensing, multipass and rotary motion)
  • Multiple User Coordinate Systems are available if needed
  • The graphical interface includes 3D interaction so weld parameters can be visualized before welding

OCTOPUZ allows users to program and simulate multiple robots simultaneously, and supports many robot brands with a regularly updated library.

OCTOPUZ is an intelligent offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for any path-sensitive application. Created by In-House Solutions, the company took a revolutionary approach by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation. Today, OCTOPUZ provides a mainstream, versatile, powerful and effective solution for any robotic challenge.

About In-House Solutions
More than 27 years ago, In-House Solutions began reselling and developing powerful software tools accessible to small- and medium-sized manufacturers. Today, the company provides CAD/CAM, DNC, PCMM and OCTOPUZ robotic programming software solutions to organizations of all sizes. The In-House Solutions team of experts, with offices in the U.S., Canada and Germany, are dedicated to selling, supporting, developing and implementing a full spectrum of software tools, particularly those specializing in NC programming and optimization, shop floor DNC communications and offline programming of industrial robots. In-House Solutions is the Canadian Mastercam distributor, and OCTOPUZ completes the company’s software solutions for manufacturing.

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