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Robotics Industry News

Lyric Robot was approved to set up a national post-doctoral research station

Lyric Robot

In order to implement the notice of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on approving the establishment of postdoctoral scientific research stations by 399 units including Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co.,Ltd., the Party’s 19th National Congress on the strategy of accelerating the construction of an innovative country was thoroughly implemented. The deployment will further strengthen the support for post-doctoral work to improve the innovation capability of enterprises and institutions, and promote the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research. After evaluation by experts, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee decided to approve Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co.,Ltd.  After 399 units set up post-doctoral research stations to carry out postdoctoral work.

Scientific and technological innovation is an important driving force for the development of the automation industry and a core element to ensure the core competitiveness of enterprises. High-level innovative scientific and technological talents are the key strength of enterprise science and technology innovation, and post-doctoral talents are an important part of high-level innovative talents. In the increasingly fierce economic globalization competition, the development of post-doctoral workstations and post-doctoral talents of enterprises has played an increasingly important role in promoting enterprises to become the mainstay of innovation.

Partially approved to set up a postdoctoral research station

Lyric Robot adheres to the "people-oriented" scientific development concept, attaches importance to the cultivation and use of scientific and technological talents, establishes and improves the high-level talent welfare system, and has a strong radiation effect of talents, which has led Lyric Robot to introduce more than ten doctors who are committed to research and development. Innovative technologies in the fields of auto parts, lithium batteries, precision electronics, rail transit, medical care, fire protection, etc., constantly broaden the company's technical vision, improve the company's scientific research level, actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and realize the company's leap-forward development. On the 

other hand, the company gives full play to its advantages in professional literacy, research fields, and disciplinary systems, actively explores and adopts various measures that are consistent with post-doctoral characteristics, and forms a mechanism for nurturing talents and talents that is conducive to high-level talents.

The importance of establishing a post-doctoral research station 

  • The post-doctoral research station of the enterprise is an effective way to combine production, study and research;
  • The post-doctoral research station of the enterprise is an effective platform for the research institutes and the transfer stations of scientific and technological achievements in universities and the technological innovation of enterprises;
  • The post-doctoral research station of the enterprise is an incubator for scientific research achievements and an intermediary organization for the industrialization of scientific research results;
  • Post-doctoral research stations make information more effective and facilitate the flow of talent.

In the future, Lyric Robot will keep up with the development trend of the world, keep a close eye on the company's development goals, keep a close eye on the frontiers of science and technology development, and stand on the overall and strategic perspectives, continuously optimize the talent allocation of high-level people, and accelerate the cultivation of complex and strategic strategies with independent innovation capabilities. Type of post-doctoral talent team.

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