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Robotics Industry News

Machine Safety Risk Assessments

Automation Rangers, Inc.

Exciting new products from our safety innovation labs

Crane safety consulting, training, devices and turn key systems. Safety grants available. From system compliance and recently required risk assessments, to safety devices, to safety systems, Automation Rangers has come up with industry leading solutions, changing crane safety across the industry.

Note: ANSI and NFPA Standards require functional safety for robot, machine, process and material handling systems.

  • Primary Danger Zone Proximity Detection System warning the Operator, workers are too close. This also applies to robot cell, machine, process and material handling applications as well. (TuV and UL functional safety in process.)
  • Safety rated Collision Control. (TuV and UL functional safety in process.)
  • Functionally Safe Devices and Systems per ANSI and NFPA Standards.
  • Systems Safety Validation.
  • Turn Key Systems.
  • Crane Safety Center Task-based Risk Assessment software.
  • Crane Training per the new Standards. Train the Trainer available.

Cableless Control for Crane, Machine, Process and Material Handling Systems – Radio control pendants and safe point to point control. Cableless (wireless) safety devices and systems are rated per ANSI, NFPA, ISO and IEC Standards to PLd.

  • Forklift Station control.
  • Personal E-Stops
  • Enabling pendants (robot secondary enable)
  • Industrial Internet of Things software and hardware.
  • Mobile or Remote Control Stations
  • M2M Machine to Machine easy interfacing modules.
  • Consulting and Return on Investment Assistance available.

If you plan on attending the Automate/Promat 2017 conference April 3rd to the 6th, please stop by booth 351!

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