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Maximum Flow Rate for Fluids

Eisele Connectors Inc.

Eisele Connectors elbows provide for optimal flow rates and easy cleaning

Eisele Connectors has expanded the LIQUIDLINE for cooling water and the dead zone-free FREELINE to include additional components for high flow rates. The product family now includes several material and design variants with flow-optimized elbows.

Cooling water circuits place special requirements on the connections and lines used. To meet these requirements, Eisele Connectors offers a special product line for coolants – LIQUIDLINE – with optimized connections in a full range of sizes and time-proven Eisele Connectors quality. They are constructed of dezincification-resistant brass or stainless steel. The company combined the time-proven threaded fittings with swivelling 90° or 45° elbows as the centre piece. Eisele Connectors also offers a stainless steel version of the 1600 series with a dead zone-free FREELINE fitting in this design.

Guaranteed free flow

The swept screw-in elbows of dezincification-resistant brass or stainless steel achieved more than 50 percent better flow rates than conventional elbow fittings in comparative tests, since there is no turbulence and no obstruction of the flow to prevent heat dissipation. They are suitable for cooling water applications in power electronics, welding processes or high-frequency induction heating systems, such as those used in foundries. The improved flow rate of the elbows allows the use of smaller diameters to achieve the same cooling effect as with conventional elbow connections. The design also facilitates cleaning from inside. This makes them ideal for use with paints or similar fluids.

Durable materials

The swept screw-in elbows with a release sleeve and one seal are available in dezincification-resistant brass as the 2600 series and in high quality and acid-resistant stainless steel 1.4404 as the 4600 series. Eisele Connectors also offers a stainless steel version of the 1600 series with a dead-zone free FREELINE fittings as a tube connection. They are intended primarily for the painting, foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries. The new coolant connections are ideal for high-performance applications in which it is necessary to achieve the maximum possible flow capacity. They are the perfect addition to the LIQUIDLINE and are compatible with all other time-proven Eisele Connectors fittings.

About Eisele Connectors
Eisele Connectors Inc. is a subsidiary of Eisele Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG, which emerged from a German company founded in 1939. With more than 75 years of experience in precision machining, Eisele is one of the world’s leading suppliers for high quality all-metal connectors and in developing customized connector solutions.

Drawing from the company’s proven German manufacturing expertise; Eisele’s North American facility keeps an ample stock of products and can optimally supply its customers and respond quickly to fulfill needs. The company is part of a global logistics network that guarantees fast availability of products to the global market and is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the Association for Hose Accessories Distribution (NAHAD).

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