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Robotics Industry News

Meet Our Welding Team

Midwest Engineered Systems Inc.

A strong demand exists in the general industry for a fully qualified supplier of welding automation in North America. To serve this need, MWES recently formed a new division in Colorado focused on welding automation and service. We currently have a staff of people at this facility working on Application Engineering, Service, Sales, and Administration. Additionally, we have a network of qualified Robotic Technicians and Engineers strategically located around the country, most of which are AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) and Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technicians (CRAW-T) with automation experience ranging from 5 to 30 years.

Several of us in the group are known for our expertise in “heavy welding”, a deep and underserved niche in robotic welding. It is a fact that heavy welding integrators must possess six key elements to adequately serve this growing industry:

  • Design and build capability for large capacity, multi-axis, part positioners and multi-axis robot transport units (RTUs) to handle and reach large weldments
  • Design and build capability for large part holding fixtures
  • Robot technology including a well-equipped heavy welding software toolbox and tightly controlled multi-axis coordination between the robot, RTU, and positioner axes
  • Adaptive sensor technology, i.e. seam tracking, tactile and non-tactile sensing, and vision
  • Offline programming capability
  • Last but not least, heavy welding programming expertise and support capability

About MWES
MWES Service provides expert support in robot programming, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, system retrofits, project management, process development, training, technical support, and productivity optimization in numerous applications making us well prepared to handle any automated welding application.

We feel that MWES represents robotic automation like no other company and we are dedicated to the success of our customers. Many robotic manufacturers and integrators have the ability to provide high quality systems with fantastic capabilities but few have the ability to tap into these highly technical machines and unleash their true potential as MWES does consistently.

Our welding & service team in Colorado has support from over 100 engineers, program managers and technical staff at our Corporate Pewaukee, Wisconsin office.

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