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Robotics Industry News

Miniaturized Gripper Rotary Unit


The new miniaturized RP gripper rotary unit from SCHUNK is designed for applications in the production and assembly of minuscule components.

Miniaturized Gripper Rotary UnitIt is made up of a combination of the RM rotary module with a pneumatic parallel gripper based on the MPG, but the drive of this gripper has been modified with a longer piston rod in order to operate it on the rotary module.

The RM rotary modules operate according to the rack and pinion principle, they are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers and the angle of rotation can be adjusted steplessly over the entire field of rotation. The double piston action guarantees end positions free of backlash and a high repeat accuracy.

Through its modular design and the center bore the RM series is prepared for the set-up of gripper rotary modules without rotating power cables. The end positions are monitored by integrated sensor sets.

Since the RM rotation modules have a standardised hole pattern, with the corresponding adapter plates they are compatible to many Gemotec system modules. This allows them to be combined both with each other and with other system modules from SCHUNK, like linear units, for instance, thus putting together modules from the module program such as pick-and-place units, gantry systems or complete function modules.

The rotary module sizes 08 and 10 can be combined with gripper sizes 12, 16 and 20 to form four different sizes of the RP gripping rotary unit. Since the gripper can also be equipped with two different types of I.D or O.D. gripping force safety devices, a total of ten variants of the RP gripping rotary unit are now available to the user.

The angle of rotation of the mini rotation modules is 190 °, the end position accuracy reaches +/- 0.05°. The drive torque is 0.107 Nm (RM 08) or 0.224 Nm (RM10).

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