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Robotics Industry News

Mobile with the Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ Forklift from Schmalz

Schmalz, Inc.

Schmalz offers a proven solution for palletizing and depalletizing entire layers of jars, cans or cardboard boxes: the vacuum layer gripping system SPZ Forklift. It is used with a forklift or pallet truck to optimize flexibility and mobility.

Reliable handling plays a key role in automated storage and distribution logistics. The goods must be provided, packaged and commissioned efficiently with a high handling capacity and without damage – usually at different locations throughout the company. This presents the gripping systems with particular challenges. Fully automated solutions are often difficult to install, not suitable for mobile use, and expensive. Schmalz developed the ready-to-connect vacuum layer gripping system SPZ Forklift for partially automated palletizing and depalletizing in situations like this: It can easily be mounted on a forklift or pallet truck to allow smooth handling of entire product layers. The ground conveyors can hold the compact system using a fastening element for fork arms. A locking system allows it to be simply and securely fixed in place. The SPZ Forklift is supplied with power by a connection line with an AC 400 V Cekon plug or the 48 V forklift battery.

The layer gripping system SPZ Forklift features a sealing plate made of flexible foam that optimally adjusts to the work piece shape for handling jars and cans. Thanks to the special adhesive foil, the foam can be replaced simply and without leaving residue, which reduces downtime and time spent on cleaning. Schmalz uses suction plates with push-in suction pads for palletizing or depalletizing layers of cardboard boxes. These plates are highly abrasion-proof and flexible, and can adapt even to uneven product layers.

The integrated valve technology allows fast lifting for short cycle times. The goods are transported securely, even in applications with a low degree of gripper coverage, such as with hollow glass or irregular stacks of cardboard boxes. Even if there are gaps or different types of products in the layers, the gripper will still work reliably. The entire system has a modular design: This allows individual adaptations to the specific application.

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