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Robotics Industry News

Motoman’s Weld Cell Wizard Analyzes Your Capital Equipment Needs

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Dayton, Ohio — Weld Cell Wizard is a web-based tool that analyzes capital equipment needs to help manufacturers select the best pre-engineered Motoman ArcWorld® or FabWorld® robotic welding solution(s) to meet their application requirements, and then lists them in the most cost-effective order.   Weld Cell Wizard also analyzes the number of workcells needed and the productivity effect of using multiple workcells.  A world leader in robotic welding automation, Motoman’s ArcWorld and FabWorld fully integrated solutions include one, two or three robot(s), welding process equipment, part positioner(s), and a total safety environment that meets both U.S. and Canadian safety standards.  Motoman’s Weld Cell Wizard Analyzes Your Capital Equipment Needs

Use of Weld Cell Wizard on Motoman’s web site is free, but registration is required (www.motoman.com/products/worlds/configurator/).  Manufacturers simply input basic information about their part sizes, payloads, part orientation/positioning needs, total number, length and size of welds, and the required annual volume – and Weld Cell Wizard does the rest.  It lists estimated cycle times with the applicable work cells and shows the workcell utilization necessary to achieve production goals.  This information is important when justifying automation capital.

For more information on Weld Cell Wizard or other Motoman products and services, visit our corporate web site at www.motoman.com, call 937.847.6200 or write to Motoman Inc., 805 Liberty Lane, West Carrollton, Ohio, USA 45449. 

Sally Fairchild

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