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Robotics Tech Papers

NEXCOM EtherCAT Master Controllers Accelerate Real-Time Control to Push Production to Full Throttle


NEXCOM EtherCAT master controllers, NET series, expand with 64-bit support to move industrial automation and control systems up a gear. Targeting high-speed real-time motion control systems, the NET series can accelerate the execution of complex automation schemes, intricate robot control, and sophisticated image processing, allowing deterministic control and machine vision integration of advanced motion control applications. 

NEXCOM EtherCAT master controllers have added 64-bit support with 64-bit operating systems (OS), 64-bit real-time extension, and 64-bit EtherCAT Master stack to help advanced motion control systems tap the full potential of the NET series. Capable of handling more system memory more effectively than 32-bit systems, the 64-bit NET series boast high system performance and responsiveness that are requisite for both closed-loop control systems and event response applications to operate reliably and in real time. 

The NET series have various applications ranging from administering process control as a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller in brewing to calculating robotic kinematic algorithms to ensure fluid movements of a robot arm. NEXCOM's EtherCAT master controllers can also benefit multifunctional machines and production lines by performing real-time imaging processing. As industrial automation and control systems are growing more versatile, the NET series can empower these systems to conduct automated optical inspection in production lines, provide vision-based positioning for CNC machines, and offer camera-assisted guidance for robot arms. Furthermore, the NET series feature high compatibility with third-party EtherCAT slave devices to facilitate system configuration and come with the NexECM programming tool to accelerate time to market for machine builders.

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