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Robotics Industry News

New 3D Animation Illustrates Cost and Time Savings of the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System


A new 3D animation from Tregaskiss explains the benefits of the QUICK LOAD™ Liner AutoLength™ System, a revolutionary combination that increases throughput and lowers operating costs for MIG welding operations by minimizing quality issues caused by incorrect liner length.

The new animation is available on the Tregaskiss YouTube page (www.youtube.com/user/TregaskissWelds) with versions in English, French and Spanish.

The 3D animation details how MIG gun liners that are too short contribute to weld quality issues such as premature contact tip wear, poor wire feedability, bird-nesting and burnbacks. It also illustrates how liners can often be cut too short, and the ways the QUICK LOAD Liner AutoLength System solves such issues by compensating for liners that are up to 1 inch too short.

The system operates via a spring-loaded module housed in the power pin. The AutoLength Pin partners with the QUICK LOAD Liner, which reduces liner replacement time by more than 50 percent, compared to conventional liners, by allowing welding operators to load them from the front of the gun. There is no need to remove the gun from the feeder or to cut and waste wire.

The new 3D animation explains how these innovative technologies increase the life of consumables and liners, helping viewers see the associated savings in cost and time.


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