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Robotics Industry News

New Area Gripper FXP: An All-Rounder with Extra Power

Schmalz, Inc.

The vacuum specialist, Schmalz, is presenting an all-rounder with extra power at ProMat in Chicago - the new area gripper FXP. You can pack, commission, sort, palletize and de-palletize cardboard boxes, bags, cans or trays with just a single gripper.

A benchmark test has shown: the FXP series of area grippers from Schmalz generates an 86 % higher suction force on average than comparable grippers on the market. This is thanks to innovative features such as the vacuum booster for flow optimization, leak-free check valves and powerful ejectors. The FXP is available either with foam sealing plates for handling rigid products or with suction pads for moving flexible packaging such as thin-walled cardboard boxes, bags or product batches that are wrapped in film. The innovative product is ideal for processes in which the pick-up position of the product to be gripped is not precisely defined or in which multiple products need to be handled at the same time in one cycle. The FXP is lightweight – between 25.7 lbs and 18.5 lbs depending on the length – which makes it perfect for use with robots.

The system is equipped with an integrated pneumatic vacuum ejector and is ready to connect. It is easily maintained and can be quickly retooled for changing application conditions. Schmalz engineers were also able to meet the growing requirements for energy efficiency during the development phase. Special flow optimization during vacuum generation ensures that energy is used more efficiently. This reduces operating costs permanently. The individual suction pads with diameters of 20 and 40 millimeters can be quickly changed thanks to a push-in function. They are made of FDA-compliant silicone and are therefore suitable for use in the food and beverage industry.

Vacuum Area Gripping Systems FXP and FMP Universal grippers for handling different work pieces

The vacuum area gripping systems FXP and FMP guarantee maximum flexibility during automated handling processes. This universal gripper makes automated palletizing, de-palletizing, order picking and sorting possible with a variety of goods in different dimensions with only one gripper. Work pieces made of different materials can be handled such as carton, wood, metal sheets (dry) and plastic, both with and without cut-outs. Application ?

Universal gripper for handling work pieces regardless of size, geometry, material and surface ?

Handling of work pieces made from various materials, such as wood (coated or unplanned), packaging (boxes, bags or cans), metal sheets, glass, plastics, CFRP, etc. ?

Handling of porous work pieces and work pieces with gaps ?

Handling of work pieces with an undefined pick-up position ?

Ideal for use on robots due to its low weight

Your Benefits ?

A benchmark test indicates that the FXP/FMP series from Schmalz generates an 86 % higher suction force on average than comparable grippers on the market ?

Handling of work pieces wider than 20 mm, regardless of material, geometry, surface and position ?

Optimization of the flow ensures that energy is used more efficiently, which permanently reduces operating costs ?

Maximum acceleration within the process and reducing system costs by use of smaller robots ? Low-noise operation with a sound level of only 74 dB(A) ?

Easy retooling of flow technology and fast replacement of sealing elements Vacuum Area Gripping System FXP with Integrated Vacuum Generation

The vacuum area gripping system FXP guarantees maximum effectiveness because of the vacuum generator's direct integration right at the point of impact in the gripper. Vacuum Area Gripping System FMP for External Vacuum Generation The vacuum area gripping system FMP has an outstanding low height and weight. External vacuum generation offers the option to generate the vacuum electrically; this saves energy as well as operating expenses. Area Gripping Systems FX/FM with Compact Dimensions Ideal for integration in packaging machines (e.g. case packers) due to its compact dimensions and low weight. Selection Aids

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